You can come from anywhere in Glantri. You will either be of Flaemish (fire elemental descent) with dark skin and red or bronze hair. Your people were here in Glantri first and like to let everyone know about it. Or you might be of Thyatian descent, with dark hair and pale skin, fleeing the Empire on charges of witchcraft or other ignoble accusations.


You are a high elf, and the ‘nobility’ of elven kind. You have come from the Sylvan Reaches (the Feywild) for your own mysterious reasons. You are not common in Glantri; most will think that you are a lowly, common wood or desert elf. The elves there treat you like a noble, as they should.


You are a pale-skinned ‘wood elf’ or dark-skinned ‘desert elf’ (with ancestors from the arid regions of Sind and Ylarum) and most likely come from the progressive elven principality of Belcadiz, famous for its dueling and fine wines. You embrace integrated culture and innovation. Alternatively, you may come from the traditionalist elven principality of Erewan. Refugees from the shadow elf occupied forests of Alfheim vie for refugee status, swelling Erewan’s borders and resources.


As for ‘elves’ but you will be far more common in Belcadiz, where half-elves are an accepted part of the culture, unlike Erewan, where the neighbours will whisper behind your back.


You are a happy, cheerful traditional halfling, with family to the south in the Five Shires. You are most likely from the small principality of Fenswick. (Mystaran halfings are very much the ‘hobbit’ stereotype than the ‘all halflings are thieves’ or ‘kender’ stereotype.)


Your ancestors belonged the armies of Surkraash Firesoul, and were freed by Jaggar Von Drachenfels and given land and territory to settle in Glantri. Okay, it wasn’t terribly good land, but it’s yours none-the-less. You probably come from the chaos-haunted province of New Kolland, or other ‘buffer’ principalities such as Sablestone and Bramyra, where you farm the harsh land struggle to survive amid hardship.


Your ancestors are either native to Glantri or refugees that fled the great dwarven nation of Rockhome, after it was overtaken by strange… things from the Far Realm after the War of Wrath. You’ll likely be from the orderly, militaristic principality of Aalban or from ghost-haunted Klantyre.

Shadow Elf

Your ancestors were outcastes from elven society, who rejected the teachings of Ilsundil. Blacklore Elves rejected the return to religious fundamentalism preached by Ilsundil in order to study technomagic, building a large, underground city. Another group of Shadow Elves were ‘abandoned’ during the long migration and spent thousands of years underground, lost in the underworld of Mystara. They hate surface elves and have recently occupied the forest of Alfheim. If you are descended from this group, you are most likely a settler in the ‘new provinces’ of Glantri. (Note that in Mystara, Shadow Elves are usually albino, pale or grey-skinned due to their long millennia surviving underground. Dark-skinned elves are a variant of the common elf, who make their homes in deserts and other arid environments.)


You are most likely from the proud, fire-respecting nation of Bergdhoven, where your ancestors traditionally served the Flaemish as retainers after the collapse of the great empire of Arkhosia due to the ice age. Alternatively, your ancestors may be ‘evil monster races gone straight’ after the war, and be some of the new settlers in New Kollond, Sablestone, or Bramyra.


Your ancestors made a pact with the immortal Orcus for great power, leading to the establishment of the great empire of Bael Turath during the War of the Immortals. In Glantri, you most likely come from vampire-ruled Boldavia or ghost-hauned Klantyre.


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