An Incredibly Short History of the World

The Dawn War

The gods fight the primordials for control the universe, with Mystara as a primary battle ground. The gods succeed in binding the primordials, but it is a pyrrhic victory. They spend their last shreds of essence creating the Five Spheres as a receptacle for their power. These are the power sources that mortals can learn to tap into to gain great power.

The Old Time

It is a time of myth and legend, where various elemental spirits and beasts learn to listen to the spheres. Some gain immortality as the ‘listener’ faction of immortals, while others are content to exist in the here and now.

War of the Immortals

The FSS Beagle crashes into Mystara. Some of the crew gain immortality in the transdimensional accident. They go mad with power and start to build their own civilisations and cultures based on Earth’s history, using the colonists as a breeding stock. These ‘shaper’ immortals are opposed by the ‘listener’ immortals, who raise their own nations of monsters and magical races to block the shapers. The world goes mad with chaos as the factions play ‘civilisation’ against each other. Eventually, a peace is declared and the immortals retire to the moon, building the great city of Pandius, from which they watch over Mystara.

The Age of Blackmoor

The great technomagical society of Blackmoor rises to dominance. Even the elves become dependent on technology. The thousand-year dominance of Blackmoor ends with a great explosion nearly wrecks of all Mystara, tilting the planet on its axis and causing a great ice age. Ilsundil saves the elvenkind by rejecting the ‘evils’ of technology and leading his people on a great migration to the Sylvan Reach, the ‘feywild’. Blackmoor becomes a lesson for that ‘people shouldn’t meddle with forces they don’t understand’.

Rise and Fall of Civilisation

Many civilisations rise and fall in the centuries after Blackmoor. Eventually, the world is dominated by the Thyatian and Alphatian Empires in a political deadlock. The Thyatians are a human-ruled empire based on ancient Byzantine cultural seeds, while the Alphatians are elemental magicians who fled their dying empire in the Elemental Chaos.

The War of Wrath

The Empress of Alphatia has a vision that a ‘hidden evil in Glantri’ will destroy the world and sends the Council of Princes an Ultimatum to stop practicising forbidden magic. Glantri responds with the words ‘there is no such thing as fobidden magic in Glantri! Glantri uncovers Alphatian spies in Glantri City. Things lead to another and an entire world war breaks out. This ends when the Council of Princes activates the Doomsday Device, causing the Alphatian continent to sink beneath the waves. However, Glantri is now wracked with chaos magic, escaped demons, magical plagues and is surrounded by nations that hate it and blame it for the war.


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