Aalban, in northern Glantri, is a militaristic principality. Aalban is constantly plagued by monsters and dragons that come into Glantri across the Wendarian Ranges. Aalban’s ruling family, the von Drachenfels, was originally famous for their dragon-hunting exploits; even today, dragon-hunting occupies various family members. Most of the dragons hunted are sold for magical components in Glantri City.

Law in Aalban is strict and criminals are punished harshly. Most citizens believe in a fierce tradition of military service. If they do not qualify for the Grand Army or the Great School of Magic, they will serve in local militias and the police forces. The officer’s academy of Great Army of Glantri is traditionally based on Aalban.

Aalban is largely agrarian, famous for its cattle, pork and beer products. Aalban has the largest dwarven population in all of Glantri, who are largely assimilated in the local human population. Aalban is famous for its intricate machines and gears, as well as smithing and metal working. Given Glantri’s traditional dislike of dwarves, the Aalbanese have become fiercely protective of ‘their’ dwarven population. Glantri’s warforged were developed in Aalban by House Ritterberg and were deployed successfully during the war. Warforged are considered ‘property’ in Aalban and are often assigned to various military units.

House Ritterburg. Aalban’s nobility largely consists of the the miltaristic von Drachenfels family, famed dragon-slayers and military strategists. House Ritterburg is traditionally opposed to House Singhabad of the Principality of Krondahar; the Aalbanese dream of Glantri’s military expansion, replacing Alphatia as a new world power. Given Glantri’s geography, the most accessible path of expansion is into Ethengar. However, Singhabad fiercely opposes this idea. Some Aalbanese think that the Krondaharans are too ‘close’ to Ethengar, and are compromised.


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