Domain Tineline

1046-1066 (Summary of events due to in-game time-jump; DRAFT)

Alphatian Events

  • Gretchen and Rupert remain regents of Alphatia, ruling over the majority of the continent.
  • Infrastructure remains excellent, with Cannech’s new airship designs revolutionizing travel between Glantri and Alphatia.
  • Native Alphatians are treated like second-class citizens. Lucillius Cato remains their political leader, but has adopted a quiet, and humble position on the ruling council.
  • Colonisation is hindered by the vampiric colony of Bloodhaven on the far side of the continent. Necromancy is used to necro-form the land – clouds hide out the tropical sun, and the grown is rocky and barren, (like a Hawaiian volcanic park). The great volcanos occasionally rumble and shake, but no great quake has happened yet.
  • Occasional border clashes are settled by treaties, but conflicts occasionally flare up.
  • The Children of the Sun, either viewed as terrorists or a noble order of paladins, continually challenge the status quo. They raid the vampire territories, free blood slaves and also fight for the rights of the native Alphatians.

Glantrian Events

  • Sigemund remains Imperator of Glantri and so far, due to ongoing terrrorist attacks, Glantri remains in a state of unrest. There is a large political movement for Sigemund to turn over his power to the Council of Princes, but he refuses, as Glantri’s safety is ‘foremost in his mind’.
  • Glantri is being attacked by demons summoned from the Theocracy of Hule, from the Ethengarian Barbarians, and from Heldannic Knights, which use skyships. The Alliance wants Glantri to stop its control of Alphatia, but Sigemund refuses to do this.
  • Gretchen’s spies continue to note odd research and tests at the High Energy Magical Facility in New Kolland. They seem to be experimenting a lot with strange meteorites.
  • Due to the attacks, the Radiance remains unstable with odd fluctuations. There are many complaints in the Council of Princes, but nothing remains settled yet.


  • 23 Vatermont (2) 1046. The Wedding of Gretchen Beckenbauer and Rupert von Drachenfels. Ingrid is appointed Boldvian Ambassador and makes her first public appearance. Gretchen reconnects with family. Leopold identifiers challengers to the von Amicus family line. Ingrid makes contacts.
  • 5 Flaurmont (4) 1046. Gretchen conceives her first child.
  • 17 Flaurmont (4) 1046. Treat of the Waning Moon. Glantri forces the Wood Elves and Shadow Elves in Alfheim to come to an accord and to end their long war. The Alfheim territories are divided between the two cultures in a patchwork fashion. Portals to the Shadowfell are closed on Darokin’s land. Shadow Elf Queen rumoured to have a piece of the Radiance.
  • Ongoing colonisation efforts – infrastructure projects included the following:
  • Airships (good)
  • Human resources infrastructure (excellent)
  • Radiance ley-lines (good)
  • Sun Dragon crusade (wild)
  • Agriculture (okay). At this stage, there are difficulty adapting crops to the Alphatian continent. Farming techniques are not efficient.
  • Ongoing colonisation efforts – settlement
  • Criminals and former prisoners
  • Dwarven engineers and project managers
  • Secret vampire colony
  • Young settlers from the western foothills of Aalban.


  • 15 Sviftmont (10) 1047. Opening of the Labyrinth of Night. (Festival of Raising the Walls). The party opens the Labyrinth of Night in order to fulfil their pact with the primordial demon. However, raw chaos and demons pour out – was the party betrayed? After a viscous battle, the portal was sealed once more. A lich who was influenced by the demon Lucillius Cato, sundered to the party when they had fought off the demon’s influence.
  • 22 Eirmont (11) 1047. New High Energy Magical Research Facility. Imperator Sigemund announces the establishment of a new High Energy Magical Research Facility in Bergdhoven. This promises new construction jobs and an important future in research and development in the struggling province.
  • 14 Kaldmont (12) 1047. Hule Renews Aggression. Attacks on the western border of Aaalban increase; the increase in aggression is linked to the new Hierarch in the Hule Hierocracy.

Domain Tineline

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