1. Become involved in politics in Clantyre and deal with the fallout of the prince leaving for Rockholme. I’m more concerned with the future of Clantyre than I am with Rockholme or the princehood. Ideally I’d like someone friendly in charge at Clantyre, preferably someone from clan McCrae, but it depends how things turn out.

2. Get married to Isabella, probably very traditional and stuff. I don’t think starting a family will be on the cards for a while.

3. Build the Dwarven Zeppelin Air-Force. This will probably take the most time. It will focus on transportation and civillian use more than using Zeppelins directly for warfare.

4. Establish a trade route to Alphasia using the Zeppelins, from Clantyre and Glantry. It will transport people and mail, and any goods that are profitable.

5. Develop a base in Alphasia. I’m not sure if this should be adapting one of the old fortresses, or setting up a camp in the winderness and building things from scratch. It would be in the name of Glantry, but I’d make the Dwarves heavily involved.


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