Berghoven is the largest population of ‘pure’ Flaemish human stock in Glantri, with many of them demonstrating traits of their fire-elemental heritage with their bronze skin and reddish hair. The ruling family, the Vlaardoens, often show signs of pure firesoul Genasi heritage. As the Flaemish were originally a slave-race of the Alphatians from the original Alphatian Empire in the Elemental Chaos, they hold a particular grudge against all things Alphatian and will often defend the atrocities committed by Glantri against Alphatia during the War of Wrath. Berghoven is traditionally associated with alchemy, fire-magic and elementalism.

Berghoven is a fertile ‘breadbasket’, where farmers raise everything from flowers to grains. People remember this principality for its colourful flowers, which are sold throughout Glantri and are made into perfumes, oils and alchemical ingredients. Ground flour, cheese, fish and cut gems also number amongst the varied exports of this principality. The Towns of Kopstar and Altendorf seem largely clean and safe. Berghoven’s local military forces are strongly enforced by evoker wizards and normal people with good, alchemical equipment. Traditionally, Berghoven has a grudge against the elven Principalities of Belcadiz and Erewon, as the Flaems always blamed elves for the wars that weakened Flaemish control of Glantri.

Linden. House Linden, believes that as the original Flaemish settlers in the Glantri region, they should be the rightful rulers of all Glantri.
Linden is opposed to House Igorov, and the two elven Houses (Alhambra and Ellerovyn), blaming them for the wars that lead to the loss of Flaemish control of Glantri. Linden is also opposed to House Singhabad. The founder of Singhabad was an Ethengarian warlord who was covetous of the secrets of magic. According to House Linden, Singhabad’s founder captured a Flaemish princess and forced to her to marry him and reveal the secrets of the Radiance.

The former ruler of Bergdhoven was Princess Juliana, who instituted progressive reforms. She was even courting a lower-class suitor – a soldier called Feldian who was distinguished on the battlefield, but had no noble connections. And then, one day – shock! Horror! Feldian assassinated the Princess and killed her uncle Anton!

The Princeship was offered to a distant relative, Mirn Krollnar, who immediately executed Feldian. Then, Prince Krollnar of Linden’s reign started – he was paranoid and suspicious, especially since as a child, his family had been murdered by Alphatian summoned monsters during the war. He despised the lower classes, thinking that they were ‘out to get him’, and established several policies that removed power from the middle class and transferred it to the gentry. Lower class farmers became serfs, unable to leave their land; essentially building a neo-feudal power structure. Prince Mirn also established regular ‘hunts’ – where rebels and oathbreakers (or serfs that leave their land) are hunted down by the nobility. These harsh reforms have made Bergdhoven relatively stable, and even earned the approval of the more right-wing Glantrian nobility.


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