Dark Radiance

The Wedding

After heroically escaping the Labyrinth of Night, the party returned to Glantri. Gretchen arranged for the Labyrinth to be opened in a year’s time, during which Glantri’s forces would be arrayed to defeat the Primordial Demon, which would enter the surface of Mystara due to Gretch’s foul bargain with it.
Then it was time to celebrate – Gretchen and Rupert were finally getting married! It was a large and splendid affair, and Imperator Sigemund performed the ceremony, giving them many practical gifts to assist in the colonisation of Alphatia. The Imperator still remained in power, as he still perceived many threats to Glantri. This was not popular with the other Princes of Glantri.

During the ceremony, the party was contacted by the Boldavian ambassador, who turned out to be Ingrid, now a vampire. Ingrid informed them, as a message of trust, that the queen of the Shadow Elves had offered to trade them ancient magical artefacts if Glantri fully backed her claim for the throne of Alfheim.

The party decided to investigate the proceedings. Patrin and Rina was contacted by Angharad, who warned them the Shadow Elf Queen had a dangerous artefact of the Radiance, and that she would certainly use it if she felt threatened.

Gretchen, Leopold and Ingrid presided over the peace negotiations. The Wood Elf King, Oberon, was dissolute and drunk, while the Shadow Elf Queen remained haughty and mistrustful. Gretchen forced the Elves to comply with her peace plan, less they suffer the wrath of Glantri’s magiocracy. The peace-plan divided Alfheim into a patchwork of different districts that would be assigned to both factions. Neither of the Elves were happy with the plan, but agreed to it, with Glantri’s presence forcibly behind them. However, this did bring peace to the people of Darokin, as Glantri’s forces started to shut down the myriad of portals to Shadowfell across Darokin.

After this, the party went about their seperate ways; Patrin determined to work on his parish in Berghoven, while Rina developed her paladin’s school for orphaned girls. Gretchen and Leopold returned to Alphatia, where they started to develop the continent for colonisation.
Meanwhile, the battle against the Primordial Demon began to draw close…



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