Dark Radiance

More Adventures to Date

This summary covers the activities of our adventurers to-date!

After investigating the sinister banking activity, our party members learned that the conspiracy covered all levels of Glantrian society and was called the ‘Temple of Rad’. They claimed they really ruled Glantri, gently guiding from the shadows, nudging people along in the directions indicated by Rad, Glantri’s Immortal. As Rad had preferred to rule from the shadows, socially-engineering Glantri into a mage-dominated, atheistic (or whatever the word is when you know they that there are objectively high-powered divine entities running around, but you spurn their worship, leaving it only to non-mages and peasants), the Temple of Rad rank-and-file members still didn’t know that Rad was really dead. But something… was giving them instructions and they were acting on it.

After this, the group wasn’t what to do; the conspiracy of the Temple of Rad seemed too wide-spread.

However, the Princess Ark reminded them that they had an outstanding quest they owed her – to visit the ruins of Alphatia, enter the Labyrinth of Night and rescue Prince Haldemar of Haaken. Since it seemed easier to enter a terrifying dungeon that no one had ever returned from rather than continue to investigate the conspiracy, the party did so.

Exploring the Labyrinth was a long, grueling affair, where the former Alphatian political prisoners had been turned into horrible monsters and constructs. Gretchen made a bargain with an elder demon to get further in the Labyrinth, where she promised to destroy the ‘Shadow Engine’ that kept the Labyrinth anchored to the Shadowfell. This would also release the demon onto the surface of Mystara.

After many trials, tricks and traps (including a cursing poor Hans, Altani’s trained hawk, to have a donkey’s head), the party found the Shadow Engine and took control of it, while fighting off a demi-lich. This demi-lich turned out to be the cursed form of Prince Haldemar!

The party now owned a dangerous Labyrinth, with a primordial demon sealed inside it, and there were unfilled bargains made to both the demon and the Princess Ark…



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