For Questions that Arise During Play


Q. Does [W] include the damage for a magical weapon bonus?
A. No, just the raw dice damage for the weapon. The bonuses (e.g. item bonuses, strength mods) are only added once. A 2d6 + 3 war hammer attack, when activated with a 2[W] power, will do 4d6 + 3 damage.

Q. Is an aura power always on?
A. It takes a minor action to turn the aura on and off. It deactivates when the character is unconscious. Just activate it when you get up and you’re good to go for the rest of the day.

Aspect of the Cunning Fox

Q. I take half damage from attacks made during “my turn”, what does “my turn” include?
A. Just your turn (when it’s your initiative) and you’re doing your standard/minor/free/move actions.

Q. Do the attacks include traps, environmental hazards, etc.? Does it include my own attacks? Does it include things like poison that take effect during my turn?
A. Basically, it’s anything that is an attack roll versus one of your defences (AC, Fort, Ref, Will.) So yes to traps that involve attack rolls (e.g. a poison trap might be an attack against your Fortitude defence) and opportunity attacks and you chopping your foot off, but not against stuff like auto-damage or ongoing damage.

Q. I can shift 2 spaces after making an attack, can I shift between the two attacks in my double attack? (and effectively do this twice)?
A. Yes. Generally, you can only do one ‘At-Will’ power per turn. But Dual Attack is a ‘triggered’ action. So it goes 1st Attack, shift, shift, 2nd attack, shift, shift. Note that if you fail to hit with your first attack, you will neither get your second attack nor your second two foxy shifts.


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