Popular Immortals

The following immortals are worshipped in Glantri, despite (or because of) the nobility’s stigma against magic users. All immortals were once mortals who ascended after great trials and deeds.

Asterius (Unaligned). Patron of merchants, thieves, fortune and gambling.

Atzanteotl (Chaotic Evil). Patron of evil shadow elves, the Underdark and the process of the corruption.

Ilsundil (Good). Associated with traditional elven culture and virtues.

Ka the Preserver (Good). Preserving lost culture and histories, guardian of the Hollow World. Associated with ‘active’ archeology, libraries and exploration.

Noumena (Unaligned). Patron of tactics, puzzles, games and mysteries.

Nyx (Unligned). Patron of death, shadow and mystery. She is opposed to undeath, particularly Orcus.

Orcus (Chaotic Evil). Patron of the tieflings and those who seek power for its own sake. He is the patron of necromancers and seeks to master the power of undeath.

Ordana (Unaligned). Patron of nature, forests and forest races.

Pflarr (Unaligned). Patron of constructed entities and magical creations.

Rafiel (Unaligned). Patron of the Blacklore shadow elves, scientific study and learning and technologic.

Rathanos (Unaligned). Patron of fire, energy and burning stuff.

The Moon Dragon (Evil). Ruler of evil-aligned dragons. Patron of vengeance and retribution. Will often empower females who have lost their children and desire vengeance above all else, regardless of species or alignment.

The Star Dragon (Good). Ruler of good-aligned dragons; patron of justice and virtue.

The Sun Dragon (Unaligned). Ruler of unaligned dragons. Patron of cunning, trickery and wily behaviour.

Vanya (Unaligned). Patron of civilisation and ‘progress’, including conquest and warfare.

Popular Immortals

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