The Principalities of Glantri

Glantri is a dark kingdom of magic that was founded by disparate groups of outcaste magic users that wanted a place to learn and practice their arts without reprisal or prejudice. In Glantri, there is no ‘forbidden magic’, just the inability to control one’s power. As the Glantrian settlers mostly fled from being burnt at the stake in their original homelands, strongly organised religion and divine magic use is frowned upon in Glantri. Instead, most Glantrians follow the ‘Philosophy of Rad’, a philosophy that emphasises individualism and intellectualism and rejects direct worship of other entities.

Tolerance for divine magic varies across all of Glantri; in Aalban, it’s associated with common soldiers and the working class, while it is outright forbidden in Boldavia and Klantyre, regions ruled by undead. Those who channel the Sphere of Time (the Primal power source) are seen as little more than primitives or curiosities, while martial power source users are respected and favoured, particularly with the ideal of the ‘mage warden’, a heroic warrior devoted to serving their mage lord.

All nobles must be arcane spell-casters, and non-arcanists train in ritual use to given them an edge in Glantri’s ruling magocracy. Glantri consists of a number of highly individual Principalities, each ruled by a Wizard Prince. Each Principality controls a number of votes in the Council of Princes, and many Principalities and the various Houses spend their days politicking and scheming against each other.

The Wizard Princes that rule across Glantri’s 13 Principalities are the most powerful of them all. Glantri is a nation of individuals – most wizards would rather be researching than dabbling in politics, but everyone does what they must in order to keep the dream of Glantri alive.

Many advanced, magical devices are used to Glantri’s daily life. The Lightning Rail, powered by elementals, crosses most of Glantri’s Principalities. Skyships, tamed dragons and flying carpets are common features in Glantri’s skies. Technomagical devices are also common as Glantri digs into the research that many associate with the Doom of Blackmoor, including gun-sword devices and hovering motor-cycles.

There are thirteen Principalities in Glantri:


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