Dark Radiance

Stuck in the Mud
Episode 0

The PCs were assigned their first mission – assigned for ranging missions in the Great Crater in New Kolland. They met Corporal Irik, a slightly insane kobold, who wanted to give them a real ‘seasoning’ mission. Previous squads of recruits had not returned. The PCs were asked to enter the laboratory of an earth elementalist in the chaos zone, and retrieve the elementalist’s staff of power. They found the bodies of the previous recruits and cut their way through dreaded bullywugs and mud elementals. However, they failed to retrieve the staff and it was sucked into the elemental chaos. More senior squad mages were later despatched to close the portal.

Unassigned Loot

  • Level 2 Magic Item.
  • Level 1 Ritual Scroll.
  • 100 GP worth of Gems.

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