Dark Radiance

Night of the Vampire
Episode 1

The PCs were invited to a wedding in Boldavia by Ingrid’s cousin, Laina Vandevic, who was getting married to a nobleman, Iago Moubotka. Laina had received strange letters from a stalker left on her dressing table, written in blood and warning her not to marry Iago. She hoped that Ingrid could protect her and was unlikely to be involved in the events.

The PCs found Boldavia perpetually under cloud-cover, due to the rule of the vampire prince, Morphail. They spent the first night at the mansion sneaking around. Canneach looked unsuccessfully for secret passages, Patrin chatted to the servants and Altani found an interesting book in the library that was under lock-and-key. She encountered Lord Gustav Vandevic in the library, and found him suspicious. She reported this to Ingrid and Canneach, who staked out the library. They found Lord Gustav opening a secret panel in the wall and reading a book about vampire hunters! Canneach attempted a distraction, but failed. Summoned guardians appeared and spectral hounds patrolled the mansion. Canneach snuck back to his room, while Ingrid had to endure Lord Gustav upbraiding her about keeping her bestial servants under control.

The next day, the PCs entered the tournament. Cainneach won the archery contest, beating an elf, who graciously gave him a bottle of elven wine to show that he was a good sport. Altani failed to win the equestrian events, but only due to her competitor, Lord Vasil Ourosco using a magical phantom steed. Ingrid also met up with her enemy, Lord Orlov, who wished revenge on Ingrid after some dark deeds in their shared past.

That night the PCs attended the dinner and then the masquerade ball. Andrew Vandevic, the bride’s cousin, arrived after going on a hunt with Iago Moubotka. Halfway through the ball, Vandevic attacked Iago, framed the PCs for murder and fled the mansion with Laina. The PCs persuaded their captors that there was an illegal vampire on the loose and they worked out where his lair was. They engaged the vampire in a desperate struggle, but were hard-pressed. Finally, they fled and lured the vampire to running water, where they were able to defeat him. Laina was reunited with her betrothed.

Ingrid found that one of the guests, the tiefling Countess Constantina Brezovo, who had provided some assistance throughout the affair, was in fact a member of the Raven’s Eye, Prince Morphail’s secret police.

Stuck in the Mud
Episode 0

The PCs were assigned their first mission – assigned for ranging missions in the Great Crater in New Kolland. They met Corporal Irik, a slightly insane kobold, who wanted to give them a real ‘seasoning’ mission. Previous squads of recruits had not returned. The PCs were asked to enter the laboratory of an earth elementalist in the chaos zone, and retrieve the elementalist’s staff of power. They found the bodies of the previous recruits and cut their way through dreaded bullywugs and mud elementals. However, they failed to retrieve the staff and it was sucked into the elemental chaos. More senior squad mages were later despatched to close the portal.

Unassigned Loot

  • Level 2 Magic Item.
  • Level 1 Ritual Scroll.
  • 100 GP worth of Gems.

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