A lazy young wizard of the noble family Beckenbauer forced by her father into the military to straighten her out.


Gretchen grew up as the youngest of three children in the Beckenbauer family. Her fathers attention was directed mainly at her brother grooming him as the heir. What little attention was left he dedicated to her sister and while he doesn’t really think that academia is the best choice of profession at least she is good at it.

She has an interest in arcana and is quite well read on the topic as with many others. Her drive was her own and so he knowledge incomplete; if it did not interest her she never learned. Further, practical knowledge always required physical exertion and so was wholly ignored.

Gretchen was always good at seeing what was demanded of her, her skills in diplomacy were sufficient to the task, and so while growing up she never really achieved anything she still slipped under the radar. It was not until she was 20 that her father finally realised her apathy, that she had not achieved in profession or marriage, and sent her into the military in an attempt to straighten her out.


Gretchen belongs to the Beckenbauer Family.

Father – Siegfried. Conservative, ambitious, blustering, moustachioed man. Fancies himself an intellectual and has many philosophical conversations about magical theory with his pipe-smoking friends at his hunting lodge. Wizard, evoker. Current title holder the Beckenbauer estate.

Mother – Brünhilde. Intimidated by Siegfried. Socialite, pretty, actually quite intelligent but has a learning difficulty so never really picked up on formal wizardry. Possibly a herbalist. Lots of plants. Minor wizard, not enough to hold title. Enjoys social gossip with her circle of friends. Eternal optimist particularly with regard to family.

Sister – Sieglinde – brilliant wizard and academic. Enchanter. Lecturing and studying at the Great School of Magic in Gilantri City. Completing a thesis about the Radiance.

Brother – Heinrich – Current title holder and heir of House Beckenbauer. Lieutenant-Captain in Pegasus Cavalry. War wizard; evoker. Interested in breeding strong lines of magical horses and flying beasts.


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