Dark Radiance

War with the Shadow Dragon

As the party worked to land the floating continent safely in the Sea of Dread, the Void Dragon appeared and attacked! The Void Dragon shifted through three different incarnations during the battle; each form requiring different tactics before it was defeated. Finally the party was victorious after a long and drawn-out battle. They also landed the continent of Alphatia in the Sea of Dread, but learned that the Alphatians would require time to recover from their spell before they could function again as a nation. It was clear that Alphatia would need protection and guidance (under Glantrian rule, of course.)

When the party landed, they found that the Princes of Glantri had met at Glantri City and had elected Sigemund von Drachenfels the ‘Imperator’ – the de factor ruler of Glantri for however long they deemed the war state would last for. Sigemund acknowledged the great deeds of the PCs. Rupert proposed to Gretchen, and she accepted. Sigemund granted them the position of Governors of new Alphatia Protectorate. Leopold was made Grand War Marshall, and Cannech was given extensive trade agreements in the territory. At hearing this, his clan arranged a marriage for him. Altani was given fine breeding stock for her herds of winged horses. Rina delayed her boon, while Patrin refused to accept it. Instead, he asked the group to sacrifice all they had been given to help him investigate the conspiracy that had dominated his life.



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