Dark Radiance

The Imperial City

After eventually drilling through the Alphatian continent, the party emerged in a desolate landscape. They were greeted by a primitive tribe of Genasi – Alphatians – that treated the party like gods! After some examination, Gretchen determined that there was some sort of effect in the air draining the mentality of all citizens of the continent.

The party explored the wilderness. They found a crashed skyship covered with fungus; inside, after a battle with terrible, fungoid creatures, they found a signed peace treaty. However, it looked like the airship had been shot down before the peace documents had been delivered.

The party continued to explore, and found a degenerate society of nobles in a sealed dome-like structure. The nobles had vast, magical machines that they had forgotten how to use, but the party was able to figure out how to use them and teleported to the Imperial City.

There, the party found the city was run by a skeleton crew. They used the peace treaty to gain admittance, where they found Emperor Zandor experimenting with the Deck of Many Things, in order to gain immortality! All of the ‘mentality’ harvested from the citizens was being consumed by his ritual. After a fierce battle, they defeated Emperor Zandor, but they learned that the entire ‘invasion’ had being manipulated – by someone within Glantri!

Emperor Zandor was just a puppet – but who was pulling the strings?



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