Dark Radiance

The Greatest Prize

Episodes 5 to 7

Cannech was approached by a soldier called von Bek, who said that there was an Alphatian nobleman squatting in a castle in the Aalbanese mountains. The Alphatian gave von Bek’s men food and hospitality for the night, but served him his own men during dinner. Von Bek fled and now wanted vengeance.

The plan was for the Stormwardens to infiltrate the castle, while von Bek’s men attacked during the night on a pre-arranged signal. The Stormwardens approached the castle, where they were given hospitality. The Alphatian seemed like a nice chap, however. Von Bek attacked when the signal wasn’t given, fearing that the infiltration team had been compromised. The Stormwardens fought off von Bek, but the Alphatian, Myrkin, was disappointed that they hadn’t come forward and then dropped them in an elemental puzzle dungeon. The Stormwardens escaped the dungeon but found that Myrkin had been dead for some time.



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