Dark Radiance

The Floating Continent

Still rejoicing from their defeat of Malakhar, the party was shocked at the sight of the floating continent. A booming, magically-projected voice rang out across the land.

“This is the voice of Zandor, First of his Name, Emperor of Alphatia. I come in the names of the millions of murdered Alphatians that were killed when the great continent was laid waste and sunk beneath the Sea of Dawn. I come in the names of the innocents who died, and the great the city of Sundesvall that was crushed, and I come in the name of my mother, Empress Eriadna.

“Millions of these murdered voices cry out for vengeance, millions of voices cry out for Glantri to be torn apart, brick-by-brick, until nought but a speck of dirt remains…

“But I, Zandor, am merciful. Those who kneel to me, will be forgiven, and yes, exalted above all others in Glantri. Those who resist, will be less than beasts, less than dust, unforgiven and unmourned.

“I have sealed the borders of Glantri. Anyone leaving will be destroyed by my arts.

“These are my demands.

“It was the Princes of Glantri who destroyed Alphatia. Now I demand that they surrender themselves to me. Each Prince of Glantri has until dawn tomorrow to surrender their Principality to me, Zandor, First of his Name, Emperor of Alphatia. You will surrender your control over the Radiance to me. My chosen representative will meet you at your Wizard’s Conclave in Glantri City at dawn, and you will surrender all of your power to me.

“Citizens of Glantri, should your Prince not do the honourable thing and surrender, then I will have sadly no choice but to burn each Principality that does not surrender from the face of Mystara. I urge you to beg and demand that your Prince do the right thing and bend the knee.

“Only the worthy will triumph and survive as part of the new empire of Alphatia, ruled by Zandor, First of his Name.”

As the party discussed the implications of this message, they heard screams ring out from Glantri City, and saw fires start up. The capital was in a riotous uproar. Gretchen contacted Corporal Melchitt, who left in her charge of restoring law and order. After some work, the party got the city under control.

Melchitt reported that Fergus McCrae of the ‘Order of the Golden Dragon’ in Klantyre was requesting Cannech’s presence. Meanwhile, Prince Rupert in Aalban was asking for Gretchen’s help. After some discussion, the party went through a teleportation gate to Aalban, where Prince Sigemund was discussing what to do about Zandor’s demands.

Prince Sigemund was going to go to a special meeting of the Princes in Glantri City. Rupert was suggesting an insane plan involving getting hold of a restored Alphatian airship, the Princess Ark, and using that to carry a mole-machine from Klantyre into the sky, to drill through the Alphatian continent. The party was left to decide whether to accompany Prince Sigemund to Glantri City, or try Rupert’s crazy idea.



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