Dark Radiance

The Demon Battle

The party continued their colonisation of the Alphatian continent. Previous maps were useless, given the heavy distortions caused by the chaos energies after the war, so new maps were required of the transformed landmass.

Cannech worked on his zeppelin project in order to transport colonists and supplies to Alphatia. Ingrid established a ley line that linked into the Radiance within Glantri, enabling the industrialization of magic for infrastructure purposes. Meanwhile colonists were targeted from all parts of Glantri to start their lives on the landmass.

Upset with how the natives were being treated, Rina established “a Sun Dragon” crusade, who would fight for freedom and justice!

Ingrid persuaded disgraced Boldavian noble, Tatiania, to start a vampire colony on the opposite side of the continent.

Meanwhile, the date arrived – the party opened the portal to the Labyrinth of Night. Chaos energy came out! Demons emerged! After a terrible battle, they were defeated. A lich-like magician surrended to the party and offered his assistance – this was Lucillius Cato. He claimed that he was being maniupulated by the demon within.

But the Labyrinth’s infernal machinery remained unbroken….



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