Dark Radiance

The Confrontation with Malakhar

The Stormwardens were contacted by agents of the Raven’s Eye, Prince Morphail’s secret police. As part of a boon that the Prince had performed for the party earlier, his elite agents had tracked and wounded Malakhar to the astral plane. Aided by Morphail’s elite soldier, blackscale dragonborn Ravyn Darktalon, the party entered the astral plane and defeated the demon Mammon and its host, the baby dragon Malakhar.

Then, the party had the choice of rescuing the baby dragon host, or killing it. Thinking it was safer, the party killed the baby dragon. Just as Mammon retreated back to the hells, it croaked out the name of its employer: Zandor, Prince of Alphatia! When the party stepped back to Mystara, in the hills above Glantri City, they saw a floating continent slowly covering the sky.



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