Dark Radiance

The Banking Conspiracy

Despite being lauded with awards, accolades and boons from the new ‘Imperator’ Sigemund von Drachenfels, the party decided to investigate the alleged banking conspiracy that Patrin insisted was behind the theft of the floatstones from his and Rina’s family farm, which also to the downfall of this once-proud family. They flew in the Princess Ark to Klantyre, to start investigating the First Bank of Glantri.

While the head of the First Bank, Lachlan McGregor, was the dwarf in Patrin’s vision, he proved a hard to pin down. Cannech attempted to go through the First Bank’s publicly available records, but was stymied by the bureaucracy. However, one of the clerks reacted suspiciously, and started to leave early. Rina threw a tantrum which distracted the bank guards long enough for Cannech to follow the clerk to a secret temple underground. After leading the party there, there was a brief fight where they learned that the temple belonged to Rad, Glanti’s incognito immortal. The conspiracy was connected to Rad; the (now dead) immortal who had convinced his own nation that he didn’t exist, and who guided the country’s progress from the shadows. The cult was at the very heart of Glantri’s society! The party started to work their way up the cult’s food chain, starting from Duncan McGregor, to the head of a prominent charity. They finished their investigation, having at last found a place to confront Lachlan McGregor, at the wine society meeting. As Cannech said, it was a very suspicious place for a dwarf to be.



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