Dark Radiance

Off the Rails

Episode 9

The PCs were travelling to New Kolland by lighting rail, in order to find the Mad Oracle. However, as they were travelling, Cannech noted that the train was going too fast. The PCs hurried to the engine carriage, where they saw that hooded, cloaked terrorists were attacking the lightning elemental that powered the carraige. A mysterious figure on a dragon was flying up overhead, keeping up with the train. Altani lunged forward and attacked the elemental, while the others attacked the ritualists. The figure on the dragon cut the rope and flew away.

Gretchen realised that the hooded figures were all students from the magical academy. However, the train was going too fast for anyone to slow it down and it looked like it was going to fall off into a chasm. Ingrid came up with a desperate idea to release the lightning elemental and to create a dimensional on the elemental’s wake, into the Elemental Chaos.

The mad idea worked and the train was stranded on a stange, floating island in the midst of the Chaos. Luckily, the train had crashed into a Githzerai monastery, where the local inhabitants wanted to ‘rescue’ the train survivors from disaster and free them from the shackles of their minds. The PCs persuaded the Githzerai to ‘rescue’ the student terrorists and return the train to Glantri. A rift opened up, and the train appeared at the end stop, right on schedule! Meanwhile, the PCs had further learned from the students’ Elemental Liberation Front that there was a secret organisation funding Glantrian fringe groups – the question was, to what end?

Meanwhile, they walked around the frontier town of Blackstone, glad to be off the train. They discovered that there was another adventurer in town, an eladrin paladin who wanted to ask the Oracle questions about how to save Darokin from the shadow elf invasion. But the Oracle would only answer on question before vanishing. Whose need was greater – the PCs, who wanted to ask about the source of the terrorist activity, or the beleaguered villagers of Darokin?



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