Dark Radiance

Glantri City

Episode 10

Cannech, ordered by Gretchen, snuck ahead of the paladin and questioned the Mad Oracle about the source of the terrorist activity. However, the answer ‘one of the thirteen princes’ wasn’t quite what he was expecting. The Oracle also advised him to be in Glantri City for the Gondala Games, to learn more about what was going on.

When the paladin learned that the PCs had tricked her, she was furious. However, Patrin calmed her rage, telling that she wasn’t entirely privy to the ways of the Star Dragon. The paladin, who told them to use the name Angharad for her, calmed down and said she would stay with the PCs as they might be the real source of her divine vision about aid for the people of Darokin. The PCs returned to Blackstone.

Before the train left for Glantri City, Ingrid investigated the records of Patrin’s parents, finding out the old floatstone farm that had once belonged to them before they had sold it off under mysterious circumstances. Ingrid met a red-scaled dragonborn called Rowdy Brasstail, who was managing the farm, and a smaller blue-scaled dragonborn who called herself Priss Brasstail, who had an uncanny resemblance to Patrin. Ingrid persuaded Rowdy and Pris to visit Glantri City with her, under the pretext of setting up a business deal with Cannech’s forge.

The PCs got on the train and travelled back to Glantri City. Ingrid introduced the dragonborn to Patrin; while Rowdy talked business with Cannech, Priss snapped at Patrin who realised that he was talking to his sister. After Priss finished her yelling, she told Patrin how her father had been a no-good gambler and had gambled away the farm. She also said that their mother had vanished and she wasn’t sure where she was now. All that she had left was a life working on a farm that her family no longer owned, and a strange card that she showed to Patrin, with the symbol for a ‘Star’ on it.

Ingrid noticed a mysterious, somewhat rogueish elf who and tried to set up an encounter between him and Angharad. However, the paladin didn’t get entirely drunk and staggered, leaving Ingrid to strike up a conversation with the elf, who said his name was Bran and that he was an information broker.

Gretchen went to her cabin and read a book.

When the PCs arrived in Glantri City, they were hailed as heroes! They were approached by a mysterious figure in a dark cloak – it was Prince Rupert in disguise! He invited Gretchen to a dinner at the Boldavian ambassador’s mansion, while the other PCs went shopping. Cannech worked on a gondala for the mid-winter games, to represent his forge, and everyone enjoyed a pleasant few days in the city.



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