Dark Radiance

Grand Army Day

Episode 8

It was Grand Army Day and the PCs were in Aalban with the Beckenbauer Family. Given the success at returning the lost von Bek family estate to the crown, Gretchen had been invited to give a speech by House Ritterberg, at the opening of the new military academy. Gretchen’s father emphasised that she must get this right and be more than a continual disappointment to her family.

The new training academy was unveiled; a floating sky fortress powered by crystals. While Gretchen worked on her speech, Cannech and Patrin wandered around, exploring. Cannech noted how the academy had an impressive collection of caged monsters, used to train soldiers how to combat these menaces. Meanwhile, Patrin counselled a man in an impressive uniform who had to give a speech that frankly terrified him.

The speeches were delivered successfully – Gretchen didn’t screw things up, and it turned out that Patrin’s new friend was none other than Prince Rupert von Drachenfels, current ruling prince of Aalban province. At the cocktail party afterwards, Rupert thanked Patrin in person and then became distracted by fascinating magical conversations between Ingrid and Gretchen about high thaumaturgical engineer. However, Rupert soon showed more interested in Gretchen and Ingrid stalked off in anger. She then encountered an arrogant, blue-haired elf who seemed to show contempt for all of the nobility around him. The elf left the gathering and went to the power crystals that kept the floating academy aloft. He said an incantation and the image of a great, abyssal dragon filled the sky. The dragon smashed into the crystals and the academy started to drop the air!

While the assembled wizards quickly kept the academy from falling, disaster threatened the academy as the monster cages broke open. The assembled PCs had to choose between helping out an important noble being attacked by a red dragon, and a group of school children being menacd by a gelatinous cube. The PCs chose to help the school children, and finished of the gelatinous menace. However, the noble died and the red dragon escaped.

The mysterious blue-haired elf died in custody, laughing.

Prince Rupert, shocked by the attack, asked the PCs to investigate rumours of terrorist activities. However, the PCs had other leads they wanted to follow up, including one about an oracle who would answer any question put to her before vanishing!



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