Dark Radiance

A Murder in Boldavia

The Stormwardens were sent to Boldavia to complete their mission for the Raven’s Eye – to find out who was funding the Resistance. A member of the Raven’s Eye, the Proctor, asked them to investigate the murder of an influential resistance member – an opera singer called Keilani. They were given identification that said that they were members of the Dark Lanterns, the local police force in Igoravich, the capital of Boldavia. Officer Carlotta was assigned to the Stormwardens to assist, although she wasn’t all that happy about the prospect.

As they examined the body, they determined that she had been killed by a golem with metallic hands. This creature was able to open a warded box, which was warded against living and undead. Just as they were finishing up examining the crime scene, a beholder attacked! After fighting of the beholder, they gave chase on a raven-winged gondola.

The beholder fled to the Bonewarrens, a nightmare zone of outcastes that surrounded the city of Igoravich. From a social planning perspective, it gave the vampire overlords a place to easily keep track of the dissidents and disenfranchised of Igoravich.

The Stormwardens trailed the beholder to a large tavern in the middle of the slums. They entered the tavern differently – Cannech snuck through the roof and observed a small green horde dragon counting coins. Walking through the main entrance, Ingrid demanded the strongest drink the house. Unfortunately, she failed her ruses and was forced to drink it, knocking her cold. Altani rescued a goblin from being cooked, who offer her his assistance. The bouncer at the door wanted money so tha Stormwardens could visit the crime lord, Malekar, but Gretched started a fight instead. To their amazement, none of the Stormwardens could defeat the bouncer, an undead, demonic ogre of some description

After fleeing the Bone Warrens, the Stormwardens continued to investigate the murder of Keilani, becoming involved in the web of corruption and intrigue between the ruling vampiric nobility.
They found that Keilani wanted the spellbook to use the ritual to peel back the cloud cover of Boldavia, and destroy the vampire’s sovereignty. To get the spell book, Keilani had an affair with Morphail’s brother, Boyar Yuri Ivanov, a powerful sorcerer. Keilani learned that her patron, Tatyana, was behind the Dark Rose resistance, and it was only a game to her. Furious, Keilani gave the book to Malakhar, the mysterious ruler of the Bonewarrens. After some investigation, the Stormwardens traced Keilani’s murder back to Tatyana.

They briefly negotiated with Malakhar, but refused to hand him the spellbook when he would not to name his mysterious client. Then, the Stormwardens reported Tatyana’s activities to Prince Morphail, who gave each of them a boon. Angharad was given assistance to defeat the shadow elves in Darokin, while Gretchen asked for assistance in redeeming Prince Rupert. Other party members asked for magical items. Ingrid asked to become a vampire, and was given the Dark Embrace. However, the Stormwardens refused to accept Ingrid’s new life style choice, and she left the party.

Morphail then co-ordinated a strike on Malakhar’s hideout, but he escaped.



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